The best places for photography around High Island depends on the kind of shots you want and gear you have

Shorebird Photography

Stilt Sandpiper by Laurie Ross

Shorebird photography around High Island can be superb in spring with three main areas.

The Houston Audubon Society's  (HAS) Bolivar Flats Sanctuary is by far the prime destination for shooting shorebirds. The afternoon light is by far the best for photography, so you are best to head over to the flats in the mid afternoon and walk through the barricades and towards the western end of the beach. The birds here can be skittish as they are often disturbed by beach combers and fishermen. Your best bet is to get fairly close, maybe 50 yards or so and then just chill. Over the next hour the birds will all come to you.

Rollover Pass van be a great place in the morning f the tide is high and the birds are concentrated on the eastern side of the pass. Here you should get most of the regular shorebirds as well us lots of egrets, herons, gulls and terns.

Most of the  "Freshwater Shorebirds" like the Upland Sandpiper, Buff-breasted Sandpiper, Pectoral Sandpiper, American Golden Plover and Hudsonian Godwit are not regularly seen on the Bolivar Peninsular. For these guys you will need to head towards Anahuac NWR or even better, the rice fields closer to Winnie. Conditions in these areas change rapidly and regularly, so please check in with theTropical Birding guides at the HAS Information Center for the best locations at that time.

Warbler and other songbird Photography

As the migrants cross the Gulf of Mexico during March, April and May


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